For long stays and Worcation

where you can live & work remotely

Accomodations where you can spend your time as if you were home, a place kind to both you and the environment.

All rooms have ocean views and a small kitchenette.

We want you to experience the feeling of living here.

In this TOSA SHIMIZU village and enjoy the feeling of a Japanese village. "Environment-friendly and human-friendly facility" is our policy.
We value the power of nature, trying not to rely on the artificial conveniency, and live "with" nature as much as possible. We love fresh clean air here, so everywhere is a smoke-free space. We want to enjoy the seasonal winds, cold and warm, and we don’t want to rely on air conditioning. The lights along passages have solar sensors, the dining space at ground floor is what we call "HOTARU (firefly) dining" where you can enjoying the  comforting mood lighting.


We hope you can enjoy a simple, relaxing experience at KAIYU. We believe the time reflecting on yourself while surrounded by beautiful nature will refresh you and your family.

Hot spring accomodation

The floor is solid cedar with large cypress beams. Outside the window is the sea over the garden.

A cottage where the wind gently flows through from the sea and mountains.

It is a space surrounded by negative ions and the smell of firewood smoke.

(Capacity 1-5 people)

Resort condominium accomodation

The windows of all the rooms are filled with the beautiful sea and Ohki beach.

We affectionately manage the old building built during the Showa Era.(Capacity 1-5 people)

<Renovated rooms made of natural materials>

Each room has a different theme.

<Tatami room with a Showa atmosphere>

A tatami room that is nostalgic and relaxed .

For worcation and remote work
Live and work cloase to nature.

Stay close to nature and keep up with the times.
Each person's way of living, working, and living.

It's like valuing time, mind, body, and true abundance, where you work and relaxation can co-exist.

Return to "SU" and stay as if you were living in the great outdoors.

With that in mind, we offer medium- to long-term discounts.

Please contact us for long stays.

<Accommodation fees>

Please contact us for room type / budget according to your stay style.

<Stay fee>
Please contact us for room type / budget according to your stay style.

■ "Hot spring building" "Renovated rooms made of natural materials" 14,000 yen to 23,000 yen per person per night

■ "Tatami room" 9,000 yen to 11,000 yen per person per night

● +2,500 yen for each additional person / one pet +2,500 yen ● July 10-September / New Year holidays / Golden Week include an added fee +500 yen per person per night.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us by email.